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Why SquareCell?

12 Well Studios, Beaker Arts. These were all considered when we searched for a name that would suit our new visual sci-comm business. Now, if you haven’t named a business, you’ve probably come across similar dilemmas when thinking of an email address that wasn’t simply yourfullname-at-gmail-dot-com. It’s hard; there’s a lot to consider. It has to flow, it has to be unique, and it has to reflect the vision of the founders. So how did we come up with our name?

As scientists by training and knowing that we are mostly reaching out to help fellow scientists, we wanted a name that was immediately recognisable to those in this field. ...Cell.

The ‘cell’ is undoubtedly the most iconic biomedical entity we’re all familiar with. Together with another 37 trillion or so buddies, a human cell contributes to a cohesive structure of highly-ordered life, each performing a specific function that allows complex beings to thrive and endure. But the cell is also an integral component of a digital image.

We are typically unaware that instead of a single entity, an image is a cohesive organisation of much smaller units, called pixels. It is this unit, square in shape and acting in concert with its neighbours, that allows us to decipher complex messages and information in the blink of an eye.

A pixel (a square cell) plays a pivotal role in the communication of science.

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