Image: Jack Kaiser

SquareCell was born out of a passion to visually communicate the innate beauty and complexity of the living world. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the bench and the wider community by creating clear, engaging and scientifically-accurate art.

Formed from a collective of art-savvy scientists, we have the ability to understand the most challenging briefs and help clients achieve the attention that their work deserves.


Dr Andrew Lilja

Co-founder & Technical Director

Andrew developed a love of visual science at the University of Melbourne while completing his Bachelor of Biomedical Science and PhD in Pharmacology & Therapeutics. A creative itch drew him towards 3D modelling and animation to communicate complex research topics and he has been completely hooked ever since.
He now spends his time translating the latest scientific research into compelling visual narratives using computer-based cinematography techniques similar to those employed in Hollywood visual effects studios and video games.

Dr Nicki Cranna

Co-founder & Creative Director

Nicki loves all things science and art, especially when the two are combined. She has a PhD in Molecular Biology from The University of Melbourne where she spent many hours looking down a microscope. Here, her appreciation for the beauty of the molecular world began.

Now, Nicki combines her technical knowledge with her creativity and communication skills. She has developed public science art exhibitions, worked for Science Gallery Melbourne, written for COSMOS magazine, taught science communication at Deakin University, delivered workshops on visual science communication at University of Melbourne,  written and edited communications for Wave Consulting, was the art director of Lateral Magazine, managed communications for the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute and now develops education programs at Walter & Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research. 


We have a talented team of artists with extensive science backgrounds ready to create...


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